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Plesiosaur Tooth

  • Early Jurassic Era Aquatic Dinosaur
  • Age: 199-173 Million Years Old
  • Box measure 6" x 8" x 1"
  • Each tooth is unique but will be equal to the one displayed


The Plesiosaur is an extinct marine reptile that lived during the Mesozoic Era, from approximately 201 to 66 million years ago. These remarkable creatures are known for their unique body structure, which consisted of a long neck, small head, and four flippers adapted for swimming in the ancient oceans. One distinctive feature of the Plesiosaur was its teeth, which played a crucial role in capturing and consuming prey.


Plesiosaurs had a diverse array of teeth, varying in size and shape depending on their specific species and feeding habits. Their teeth were conical or pointed, resembling the shape of a sharp cone or spike. The teeth were often curved backward, aiding in grasping and holding onto slippery prey items. Some species of Plesiosaur had long, slender teeth, while others had broader and more robust teeth.


These teeth were well-adapted for catching and consuming a variety of marine prey, including fish, squid, and other small marine creatures. Plesiosaurs likely employed a hunting strategy similar to modern-day crocodiles or killer whales, using their teeth to grasp and secure their prey before swallowing it whole. The sharpness and curvature of their teeth allowed them to pierce through the slippery bodies of their prey, providing an efficient means of capturing and holding onto food.


The dental anatomy of Plesiosaurs indicates that they were well-suited for hunting in the open ocean. Their teeth lacked any significant adaptations for chewing or grinding, suggesting that they primarily swallowed their prey whole. This feeding strategy is consistent with their streamlined body shape and powerful flippers, which allowed them to swiftly maneuver through the water in pursuit of their prey.


Although Plesiosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, their fossilized teeth serve as important evidence for understanding their ecological role and feeding habits. These teeth provide valuable insights into the biology and behavior of these ancient marine reptiles, shedding light on the fascinating world they once inhabited beneath the waves.

Plesiosaur Tooth Display

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