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Chasing History

Join your host, Chase Pipes on his adventures with Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Geologists, Historians, Scholars, and Collectors as we travel the world rediscovering mysteries of the past.  History Rocks!!!



Chasing History is a discovery documentary series where we take you into the field to meet the men and women who discover history and show you how the past is found. This educational series works to inspire the public to get involved in collection history out in the field before 21st century development destroys the past.


Chasing History is the Educational arm of the Smoky Mountain Relic Room home to the largest diversity of history for sale in north America. Our Mission is to get people excited about the past, and to show that they can and should get involved in discovering history before it is destroyed. CH Also has a Podcast "Chasing History Radio" covering the same topics you see here and available where every you get your podcast.

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