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Civil War Out West Dropped/Fired Ammunition

New Mexico Territory

Fort Craig, New Mexico Territory 

Built 1854 - Abandoned 1885


(Every bullet may vary in size or shape, bullets are picked at random. Our choice only.)


The war on the western frontier is home to some of the most isolated and brutal battles that took place. The threat was real as confederate and union forces fought for control of the territory and native americans fought for survival. This bullet witnessed that history and was rescued from development by metal detectorist working in the area near the fort in the 1960's.


Constructed in 1854, Fort Craig was strategically positioned along the Rio Grande, serving as a key defense against incursions from Native American tribes, particularly the Apache and Navajo. It also played a crucial role in protecting the territory from Mexican incursions and maintaining stability along the border during the turbulent years leading up to the American Civil War.


During the Civil War, Fort Craig played a significant role in the New Mexico Campaign. In 1862, Confederate forces under General Henry Hopkins Sibley advanced into New Mexico with the aim of capturing the territory and gaining access to the rich mineral resources of the region. Fort Craig became a pivotal target for the Confederates, who hoped to neutralize it and secure control over the Southwest.


In February 1862, Confederate and Union forces clashed in the Battle of Valverde, a few miles north of Fort Craig. Although the Confederates won the battle, they were unable to capture the fort itself. Fort Craig remained in Union hands throughout the war, serving as a base for military operations against Confederate forces and protecting the region from further incursions.

Civil War Dropped Ammo Craig

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