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Kennedy Half Dollar

1965 - 1970

40% Silver


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The Kennedy Half Dollar is a coin that was introduced by the United States Mint in 1964, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The coin was created as a tribute to the late President, who was popular and beloved by the American public. The design of the coin features a portrait of Kennedy on the obverse (front) side, and the presidential seal on the reverse (back) side.


The Kennedy Half Dollar quickly became popular among collectors and the general public, and it remains one of the most recognizable and widely collected coins in the world. The coin was initially made of 90% silver and 10% copper, but starting in 1965, the composition was changed to a blend of copper and nickel. The coins produced between 1964 and 1970 are considered to be particularly valuable due to their high silver content.


In recent years, the Kennedy Half Dollar has undergone several design changes, including a special issue in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the coin's introduction. The design featured a portrait of Kennedy based on a photograph taken by White House photographer Jacques Lowe. Despite these changes, the original design of the Kennedy Half Dollar remains one of the most iconic and recognizable coins in American history.

Kennedy Half Dollar

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