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Raptor Tooth

Age: Approx 95 Million Years Old

Late Cretaceous

Habitat: Coastel Mangraves

type: Theropod (Fast Running Dinosaur)

Discovered: Kem Kem, Morocco, Africa

Measures roughly 2cm 


The Kem Kem Raptor Tooth is an exceptional fossil specimen that provides a fascinating glimpse into the ancient ecosystems of North Africa during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 95 million years ago. This tooth represents a remarkable piece of paleontological history and offers valuable insights into the lives of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed this region.


The Kem Kem Formation, located in southeastern Morocco, has gained renown as a treasure trove of prehistoric fossils. It is celebrated for its exceptionally well-preserved remains of various dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that inhabited the area during the Late Cretaceous. The discovery of the Kem Kem Raptor Tooth is a testament to the rich fossil diversity of this region, shedding light on the dynamic and complex ecosystems that existed there millions of years ago.


The tooth, believed to belong to a raptor-like dinosaur, offers clues about the hunting and feeding behaviors of these ancient predators. Raptors were known for their sharp, serrated teeth, which were ideal for tearing into the flesh of their prey. This particular tooth provides paleontologists with valuable information about the size and characteristics of these dinosaurs, as well as their role in the Late Cretaceous food web. The Kem Kem Raptor Tooth is not just a relic from the past but a key to unlocking the mysteries of ancient life and evolution in this intriguing slice of prehistory.

Kem Kem Raptor Tooth

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