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Introducing our enchantingly adorable Limited Edition Halloween Crystal Ghost Buddy, the pint-sized spooktacular companion that's bound to cast a spell on your heart! Standing at a mere 1.5" tall, this little ghostly delight is big on charm and charisma. With its translucent ethereal body, it's like holding a piece of the spirit world right in the palm of your hand!


But don't let its size fool you—this ghost buddy is more mischievous than menacing! Imagine it floating around your desk, playfully rearranging your paper clips or hiding your pens just for a giggle. Its twinkling eyes and cheeky grin are a surefire recipe for instant smiles, making it the perfect desk confidant during those dreary workdays.


And let's not forget about its impeccable fashion sense! Our Halloween Crystal Ghost Buddy is always dressed to impress, boasting an ever-stylish spectral robe that's sure to make all the other ghosts green (or should we say transparent?) with envy. Whether perched on your bookshelf, adorning your windowsill, or accompanying you on your spooky adventures, this pocket-sized phantom is here to haunt your heart in the most delightful way.


Limited in quantity but boundless in charm, our 1.5" Crystal Ghost Buddy is the ultimate Halloween treat that will leave you bewitched. Embrace the magic of the season and let this little wisp of wonder add a dash of spectral splendor to your life. Get ready to embark on a spirited journey full of giggles, ghouls, and good times with your new petite paranormal pal!

Crystal Ghost Buddy

SKU: Crystal Ghost Buddy

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