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Ancient Orthoceras Fossil Pendant 

Age: 440 - 235 Million Years Old

(Paleozoic Era)

Description: This marine Cephalopod had a squid like body that was encased in a stright shell. This is part of the animal that has become fossilized.

Discovered: Atlas Mountains - Morocco, North Africa


Orthoceras is a fossilized creature that lived during the Devonian period, about 400 million years ago. This ancient marine animal left behind spiral-shaped shells that have been turned into beautiful polished stones used for their healing properties. Orthoceras is believed to have numerous healing benefits that can help the wearer in various ways.


One of the primary benefits of wearing orthoceras is its ability to promote emotional and spiritual growth. This stone is known to enhance intuition and stimulate the mind, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around them. It is also believed to help release negative energy and promote a sense of calm and balance.


Orthoceras is also believed to have physical healing properties, particularly for those suffering from back pain, joint problems, and other musculoskeletal issues. It is believed to help with the alignment of the spine, which can alleviate discomfort and promote healing.


Additionally, orthoceras is said to have a grounding effect on the wearer, helping them to feel more connected to the earth and promoting a sense of stability and security. It is also believed to help with communication and enhance one's ability to express themselves clearly and effectively.

In summary, orthoceras is a powerful stone that can help with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Whether worn as jewelry or carried as a talisman, this stone is a valuable tool for anyone looking to promote growth and balance in their life.

Ancient Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

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