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WW1 French Squadron Escadrille American Pilot Collection

Soldier: Robert L Moore (Founder of Sheridan Motels)

Collection Includes

  • Original documents
  • Original photos (Robert L. Moore & German Gunner)
  • Flight Suut (Coat with bullet holes, pilot helmet, gloves, boots, & tunic)
  • Detailed documents on Robert L. Moore


-Moore was flying as a bomber escort in a French Squadron Escadrille when he was shot down.

- Flight jacket includes the seven bullet hole & one bullet hole in back as staated in Rober L. Moore's letter. (Alongside eachbullet whole is a small white mark in which Moore placed to pinpoint the many bullet holes.)


"I wore this equipment as a pilot with the French Squadron Escadrille, Breguet, 29. As you know the German Ace it - Carl Bolle shot me down near Laverstine, France, June 14th as his (16th) victim. He put seven bullets thru my right sleeve...and one shot into my back." - Robert L. Moore


 -Helmet (Flight Cap) initialed rear and numbered F2576

-hip Length sheep Skin Flying Boots


Original photographs or German Gunner who show down Rober. L. Moore. 

(Years after WW1, Robert L. Moore & German Gunner Carl Bolle met and became friends. Included in this collection is an original photograph of them together.)



WW1 American Pilot in French Squadron Escadrille

SKU: Robert L. Moore Collection

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