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WII German Hand Grenade Ceramic Pull Tab


(Every tab may vary in size or shape, tabs are picked at random. Our choice only.)


This ceramic pull tab activated the german M24 "Potato Masher" hand grenade, and was collected on battlefields throughout belgium.


The M24 grenade consisted of a hollow wooden handle or shaft with a metal head containing the explosive charge and a pull cord. To activate the grenade, the soldier would remove a safety cap from the head, pull the cord, and then throw it at the target. Upon impact, the grenade would detonate, causing destruction and injury within its blast radius.


One distinctive feature of the M24 grenade was its long handle, which allowed soldiers to throw it farther and with greater accuracy than other hand grenades of the time. The handle also served as a stabilizing device during flight, improving the grenade's trajectory.

WII German Hand Grenade

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