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Vintage NASA Challenger Pin

Measures: 1 Inch

These pins were created to support the NASA missions and Astronauts. 


The NASA Challenger mission, also known as STS-7, was the seventh Space Shuttle mission conducted by NASA's Space Shuttle program. The mission was launched on June 18, 1983, with four crew members aboard, including Robert Crippen, Frederick Hauck, Sally Ride, and John M. Fabian. This mission was significant because it was the first time a woman, Sally Ride, was selected as a member of the Space Shuttle crew.


During the mission, the crew conducted several experiments in space, including a satellite deployment and retrieval, as well as conducting research on the effects of weightlessness on materials and fluids. They also tested out a new space suit, the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, which allowed astronauts to work outside the spacecraft.


The Challenger mission was not without its challenges, however. During the mission, the crew experienced several technical glitches and malfunctions, including a problem with one of the engines on the spacecraft. Despite these setbacks, the crew was able to successfully complete all of their assigned tasks and return safely to Earth.


Overall, the Challenger mission represented a significant milestone in NASA's space exploration efforts, not only because of the successful completion of the mission but also because of the groundbreaking inclusion of Sally Ride as the first American woman in space. In the years that followed, NASA continued to expand its space program and push the boundaries of space exploration.

Vintage NASA Pin

SKU: CP - NASA Pin - Challenger - $5

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