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Unbroken Geode - Small


- Geodes are ancient air and gas pockets. Over millions of years they grow crystal formations. These particular geodes are actually fossils of air cavities that helped marine plants float and feed in the ancient oceans. 


- Break Your Own Geode

  • Geodes are rocks that are plain on the outside but can have beautiful crystals on the inside.
  • We recommend putting the geode in an old sock and breaking it with a hammer.
  • Crystals maybe be clear, white or brownish.
  • Each piece is natural and will have a unique shape. Since these are natural, we cannot guarantee that they will have crystals but the majority will.
  • Though varying in size, each piece will measure approximately 3" x 2".


Unbroken Geode - Small

SKU: Unbroken Geode - Small

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