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Tyrannosaurus Rex Bone Fossil

Age: 68 - 66 Million Years Old (Late Cretaceous)

Discovered: Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota


The Tyrannosaurus Rex Bone Fossil is an awe-inspiring testament to the Earth's ancient past, with an estimated age of approximately 68 to 66 million years old. Discovered within the renowned Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota, this fossil offers a window into the life of one of the most iconic and fearsome creatures of the prehistoric world: the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex, often simply referred to as T. rex, was a colossal carnivorous dinosaur that roamed North America during the Late Cretaceous period. This creature has earned its place as a symbol of the ultimate apex predator, with its formidable size, power, and sharp-toothed maw. The name "Tyrannosaurus Rex" translates to "Tyrant Lizard King," an apt moniker for a dinosaur that stood up to 20 feet tall and could reach lengths of over 40 feet.


T. rex had a massive skull with robust, serrated teeth capable of crushing bone and tearing through the flesh of its prey. Its strong, muscular body was supported by powerful hind limbs, while its tiny, seemingly useless arms have been a subject of much scientific intrigue. This dinosaur was likely a formidable predator, preying on a variety of herbivorous dinosaurs of the time, such as Triceratops and Edmontosaurus. The Hell Creek Formation, where this particular T. rex fossil was found, is rich in fossils and provides critical insights into the Late Cretaceous ecosystem, including the plants and other creatures that shared its habitat.


The discovery of a T. rex bone fossil is a remarkable event in the world of paleontology, as it allows us to delve deeper into the mysteries of these incredible creatures that once dominated the Earth. This particular fossil not only serves as a testament to the ancient history of our planet but also as a symbol of the enduring fascination with dinosaurs and the ongoing quest to unravel their secrets.



Every individual Tyrannosaurus bone fossil piece within the collection will possess distinctive characteristics and come in varying sizes, ensuring each one is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Bone Fossil

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