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STS-32 was the tenth mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the 33rd mission of NASA's Space Shuttle program. The mission was launched on January 9, 1990, and lasted for 10 days, 21 hours, and 1 minute. The crew consisted of five members, including Commander Daniel Brandenstein, Pilot James Wetherbee, and Mission Specialists Bonnie Dunbar, Marsha Ivins, and G. David Low.


The main objective of the STS-32 mission was to deploy the Syncom IV-F5 satellite into geostationary orbit. The satellite was designed to provide telecommunications services to the Asia-Pacific region and was successfully deployed using the Shuttle's Payload Assist Module (PAM-D) during the second day of the mission.


In addition to the satellite deployment, the crew of STS-32 conducted several scientific experiments and technology demonstrations. One of the experiments involved studying the behavior of fluids in microgravity, which could lead to advances in fuel storage and transportation. The crew also tested new materials and technologies for use in space and conducted a study of the Earth's upper atmosphere.


Overall, the STS-32 mission was considered a success, with all mission objectives accomplished and no major issues encountered. The mission helped to further expand NASA's knowledge of spaceflight and demonstrated the capabilities of the Space Shuttle program.

STS-32 - Kennedy Space Center Pass

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