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STS-028 was the 30th mission of the NASA Space Shuttle program and the fourth mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia. The mission was launched on August 8, 1989, and was commanded by Commander Brewster Shaw. The mission's primary objective was to deploy a classified Department of Defense satellite, which was believed to be an electronic spy satellite.


The launch of STS-028 was delayed for several months due to the Challenger disaster in 1986, which had grounded the shuttle program for over two years. The mission marked the return of the shuttle program to full operational status, and it was the first shuttle mission since the disaster to have a classified payload.


STS-028 was a five-day mission, during which the crew conducted a variety of experiments, including testing a new system for growing protein crystals in space, studying the effects of microgravity on human cells, and investigating the behavior of fluids in microgravity. The mission also included a number of military-related experiments, which were classified at the time and have never been publicly disclosed.


After completing its mission objectives, the crew of STS-028 landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base in California on August 13, 1989. The mission was widely regarded as a success, and it helped to restore public confidence in the shuttle program after the Challenger disaster.



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