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Souviner Grouping of Marshall Butler

Soldier: Marshall Butler

U.S. Army 5th Armored Division (Tank Driver)

Concert pianist & college professor


*The last three photos are research images and are not included in this bundle! These photos are direct from Butler's obituary. 


*Please note the hat being worn in the photograph is the same hat in this collection!


** Marshall Butler **

A Hopkinsville native, Butler was best known as an accomplished concert pianist who performed for many years in New York before returning to Hopkinsville to not only continue as a solo artist but also teach music at Hopkinsville Community College.

While music ruled his life, Butler also was a World War II Army veteran, serving in Europe with the 5th Armored Division. He was also known for his quick sense of humor and always having interesting answers to all sorts of situations.

While in New York, he never owned a car, saying “cars were a nuisance” in the city. However, he was quick to add, “No, I never drove a car, but I drove a tank in the Army.”

It was during the four years he served in Europe, when at times with he would be on leave, that he took the opportunity to perform in some the world’s most famous churches.

While he always walked in New York, he also walked in Hopkinsville and was a familiar figure as he left his home on Bryan Street each day and walked downtown where he would have lunch in a small restaurant.

In addition, he also walked across town to the college where he taught music classes for 26 years, and it was a college tradition for many years to feature Butler in concert every October.

Another accomplished pianist, Nell Marshall, also retired as a music educator at HCC, and she will remember Butler for his character and his charisma.

“We taught together for 25 years at the college,” she said. “He was a charming man and a wonderful person, and he always had great tales to tell.“As far as I know, I was the only one who ever played with Marshall,” she continued. “He was always a solo artist, but he did invite me to perform with him on one occasion,” and she was honored to have beeasked.

Souviner Grouping of Marshall Butler - U.S. Army 5th Armored Division

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