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The South Pacific ethnographic knife with a bamboo handle, dating back to around 1800 and made in Indonesia, represents a remarkable fusion of artistic craftsmanship and functional design. This unique cultural artifact offers a glimpse into the intricate skills and cultural significance of the South Pacific region during the 19th century. The knife's design is characterized by a blade crafted with precision, suggesting the expertise of local blacksmiths in metallurgy. The blade, measuring approximately 55cm, indicates a balance between practicality and ceremonial aesthetics.

One of the distinctive features of this ethnographic knife is its handle, which is meticulously fashioned from bamboo. Bamboo, a versatile and sustainable material, holds deep cultural symbolism in many South Pacific societies. Its use in the handle underscores the region's resourcefulness and connection to nature. The intricate carvings on the bamboo handle reveal a rich narrative, depicting scenes from local mythology or daily life. This amalgamation of artistic expression and utilitarian functionality underscores the importance of such tools beyond their practical applications.


Beyond its utilitarian function as a cutting tool, this South Pacific ethnographic knife likely held cultural and ritualistic significance within the community. It may have been utilized in ceremonies, rites of passage, or as a symbol of status and identity. The preservation of such artifacts allows us to appreciate not only the technical skills of the craftsmen but also the cultural nuances embedded in everyday objects that contribute to our understanding of the diverse and vibrant societies of the South Pacific in the 1800s.

South Pacific Ethnographic Knife with Bamboo Handle

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