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Roman Arrowhead

Used by the military archers throughout the Roman world. These arrowheads were cast in molds and mass produced by the tens of thousands, where they were used to conquer the Ancient world. 

- Used in the Roman wars in Gaul. 58 - 51 BC.


The Roman arrowhead, a symbol of military precision and might, was a ubiquitous weapon utilized by archers across the vast expanse of the Roman Empire. These arrowheads were mass-produced through casting in molds, a revolutionary production method that allowed the Roman military machine to equip its legions with tens of thousands of these lethal projectiles. This method played a pivotal role in the Roman conquests that spanned the ancient world.


During the Roman wars in Gaul from 58 to 51 BC, these arrowheads saw extensive use on the battlefield. The Roman legions, renowned for their discipline and tactical prowess, deployed these arrowheads as part of their formidable arsenal. The Roman military's capacity to produce standardized arrowheads was an early example of military industrialization, enabling Rome to exert its influence across vast territories.


What makes each Roman arrowhead intriguing is that, despite the mass production, they possess unique variations in size and shape. This characteristic may arise from the casting process and the craftsmanship involved in creating these lethal projectiles. Collectors and historians often find themselves fascinated by the distinct features of each arrowhead, which can provide valuable insights into the technologies and techniques employed in ancient Roman armament production. So, while you may not receive the exact arrowhead photographed, each one carries a rich history and a tangible connection to the ancient Roman legions and their conquests.


Roman Arrowhead

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