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Revolutionary War Service Pension Application

Applicant: Barbas Haley

Dated: February 25, 1846

Ca. 1820's - 1840's


Original U.S. House of Representatives report on the applications for pension claims for service in the American Revolutionary War. These are fascinating insights into the individuals and their story of fighting for American Independance. 


The American Revolutionary War, also known as the Revolutionary War or American War of Independence, secured a United States of America independent from Great Britain. Fighting began on April 19, 1775, followed by the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The American Patriots were supported by France and Spain, conflict taking place in North America, the Caribbean, and Atlantic Ocean.


~ Barbas Haley ~

Barnabas Haley was born in 1759 in Lunenburg County, Virginia to John and Margaret Wells Haley. He enlisted at the Charlotte Court House about 1775 to fight for independence from England at the age of sixteen years.


He was marched to the New York area near Brandywine. During this tour, he served in the Fourth Regiment commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan in the company commanded by Captain John Blount.


He had served a year and forty-nine days, when he became very ill. He asked his commanding officer to notify his father, John Haley of his illness, which was done. John Haley and his grandfather Barnaby Wells recruited Absolum Hughes to take his place paying him sixty pounds and left Lunenburg County to get Barnaby.


Barnaby Haley did not intend for his father and grandfather to come for him, and when they arrived he pleaded with them to leave him with his regiment. He returned home and recovered to serve again for the remaining three years until he was discharged.


He married Rhoda, whose last name is believed to be Northcutt, about 1790. The family moved to Rockcastle County, Kentucky. The eldest son, John Haley, served in the War of 1812.


Barnaby Haley died October 27, 1851, and is buried with his wife, Rhoda Northcutt Haley who died August 16, 1854, and son John Haley who died August 1, 1855, in Scaffold Cane Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.


References: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Deed Book K pages 494-497


PLEASE NOTE: Although the Rockcastle, KY Deed Book states he was born in 1879, his headstone (and other documents) support a birth date of 1755.

Revolutionary War Service Pension Application

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