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Original 1954 "SS Andrea Doria" Stationary

Envelope & Stationary Paper

Italian Line


The Andrea Doria was a luxurious Italian passenger liner that was built in 1951. The ship was named after Andrea Doria, a famous Genoese admiral who lived during the 16th century. The Andrea Doria was a symbol of Italian pride and a remarkable feat of engineering. It was considered one of the most elegant ships of its time and was known for its speed, comfort, and safety.


On the night of July 25th, 1956, the Andrea Doria collided with another passenger liner, the Stockholm, in dense fog off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Stockholm was traveling from New York City to Gothenburg, Sweden, and was severely damaged in the collision. The Andrea Doria suffered a gaping hole on its starboard side, which caused water to flood into the ship's engine room.


Despite the damage, the crew of the Andrea Doria tried to keep the ship afloat by closing watertight compartments and activating pumps to drain the water. The Stockholm, on the other hand, was able to continue sailing after the collision, but its bow was badly damaged. The Stockholm sent out distress signals, and several ships in the area responded.


The rescue effort was hindered by the thick fog and rough seas, which made it difficult for the ships to approach the Andrea Doria. Despite the efforts of the rescue crews, 46 people lost their lives in the sinking of the Andrea Doria, while the Stockholm had only a few minor injuries.


The sinking of the Andrea Doria was a tragedy that shocked the world. It was the largest peacetime maritime disaster up to that time and had a profound impact on the shipping industry. It also sparked a debate about the safety of passenger ships and led to changes in international maritime regulations. Today, the Andrea Doria rests on the ocean floor, 240 feet below the surface, and is a popular destination for scuba divers.

Original 1954 "SS Andrea Doria" Stationary

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