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Megalodon Bite Bone

- Fossils whale bone with bite marks from a Megalodon Shark attack!

Age: 20 / 36 Million Years Old

Miocene - Pliocene Epoch

Specimen: Fossil whale bone with bite marks

Discovered: South Carolina

Measures roughly 12.5"


Megalodon, meaning "big tooth," was a massive prehistoric shark that lived between 2.6 million and 23 million years ago. With an estimated length of up to 60 feet and a weight of up to 75 tons, this apex predator was the largest shark ever known to exist. Megalodon's diet primarily consisted of whales, as evidenced by the discovery of fossilized whale bones with bite marks believed to be from megalodon.


Whales were the perfect prey for megalodon due to their size and blubber-rich bodies, which provided an abundant source of nutrients for the massive shark. Megalodon likely hunted whales using ambush tactics, surprising them from below and delivering a powerful bite to their soft underbellies, causing massive internal injuries and bleeding. After the whale was incapacitated, megalodon would continue to feed until its hunger was satiated.


Despite being extinct for millions of years, megalodon's legacy can still be seen today in the form of fossilized whale bones with distinct bite marks. These fossilized remains provide crucial insights into the behavior and feeding habits of this ancient predator. Scientists can use the size and shape of the bite marks to estimate the size of the megalodon responsible for the attack, as well as the force of the bite and the angle of the attack. These bite marks provide valuable information that can help us better understand the biology and ecology of megalodon, as well as its role in the ancient marine ecosystem.


Megalodon Bite Bone

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