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Major League Baseball Cards - 1991 Edition


The 1991 edition of Major League Baseball (MLB) cards was a popular set among collectors and fans alike.


This edition featured players from all 26 MLB teams, including iconic stars like Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr., and Nolan Ryan.


The set included a total of 792 cards, with each pack containing a mix of base cards, rookie cards, and special edition inserts.


One of the most notable inserts in the 1991 set was the "Desert Shield" series, which featured American soldiers stationed in the Persian Gulf on the front of each card.


Another popular subset of cards in the 1991 edition was the "Famous Lineage" series, which featured players whose relatives also played professional baseball.


The design of the 1991 MLB cards was characterized by bold colors and graphics, with each card featuring the player's photo on the front and stats and biographical information on the back.

The 1991 edition of MLB cards is still sought after by collectors today, with some of the most valuable cards from the set including the Chipper Jones and Ivan Rodriguez rookie cards.



Major League Baseball Cards - 1991 Edition

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