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Iolite Palmstones


- Metaphysical Properties 

Iolite opens, heightens and expands your psychic abilities in a gentle way. It will teach you the parameters of your psychic abilities and possibilities. Iolite is a good stone for those of strong potential who are new on the spiritual path. It encourages and protects psychic exploration.


- More Information 

Cordierite or iolite is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. Iron is almost always present and a solid solution exists between Mg-rich cordierite and Fe-rich sekaninaite with a series formula:₂Al to₂Al. A high-temperature polymorph exists, indialite, which is isostructural with beryl and has a random distribution of Al in the₆O₁₈ rings.

Iolite Palmstones

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