Ice Age Woolly Rhino Jaw

Age: 70,000 - 20,000 Years Old

Pleistocene Epoch

Species: Woolly Rhino

Specimen: Jaw Section

Discovered: Siberia, Russia

Weighs: 1.8lbs

Teeth in Jaw: 2 Teeth


** The Woolly Rhino **

The woolly rhinoceros is an extinct species of rhinoceros that was common throughout Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene epoch and survived until the end of the last glacial period. The woolly rhinoceros was a member of the Pleistocene megafauna. The woolly rhinoceros was covered with long, thick hair that allowed it to survive in the extremely cold, harsh mammoth steppe. It had a massive hump reaching from its shoulder and fed mainly on herbaceous plants that grew in the steppe.Mummified carcasses preserved in permafrost and many bone remains of woolly rhinoceroses have been found. Images of woolly rhinoceroses are found among cave paintings in Europe and Asia.

Ice Age Woolly Rhino Jaw

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