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Ice Age Horse Leg / Foot Bone

Age - 25,000 - 18,000 Years Old

Pleistocene Epoch

Species - Equus

This fossils comes in four (4) pieces and not on a stand!


Equus is a genus of the family Equidae, which includes modern-day horses, zebras, and donkeys. During the Ice Age, which ended approximately 11,700 years ago, several species of Equus lived throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. These ancient horses were adapted to a cold and arid climate and likely had long, shaggy hair and a stocky build. They played an important role in the ecology of their time, serving as prey for large predators and helping to maintain the grasslands that covered much of the world's continents. Today, the only surviving species of Equus are domestic horses and their wild relatives, such as the Przewalski's horse.

Ice Age Horse Leg / Foot Bone

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