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Humanity's First Stemmed Tool

Age: Aterian Period: 25,000 - 45,000 Years Old

Discovered: North Africa

This early man artifact is the oldest stemmed tool ever discovered and was made by an extinct species of upright walking homid, related to homosapians. This unifacial shoulder point shows the very beginnings of inverse re-touching and was able to be tied to a stick. This technological breakthrough was made at a time when our early ancestors were compeating with the largest mammals on the planet for survival.


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Humanity's first stemmed tool, a remarkable artifact from the Aterian Period dating back 25,000 to 45,000 years, provides a fascinating glimpse into the ingenuity and adaptability of our early ancestors. Discovered in North Africa, this ancient relic is a testament to the resourcefulness of an extinct species of upright-walking hominid, closely related to Homo sapiens.


This unifacial shoulder point represents a pivotal moment in human technological evolution. It showcases the very beginnings of inverse re-touching, a precursor to more advanced toolmaking techniques. What sets this artifact apart is its ability to be attached to a stick, likely used as a spear or other hunting tool. This innovation marked a significant step forward in the arsenal of early humans, enabling them to engage in more effective hunting and, consequently, enhance their chances of survival.


The context in which this breakthrough occurred is particularly intriguing. During the Aterian Period, our early ancestors were in competition with some of the largest mammals to ever roam the Earth. These immense creatures posed formidable challenges to human survival. In this unforgiving environment, the development of tools like this stemmed one was not just a technological advancement but a crucial adaptation that allowed early humans to level the playing field and secure their place in the natural world's hierarchy.


In sum, humanity's first stemmed tool serves as a remarkable testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of our ancient ancestors. It symbolizes a pivotal moment in our history when innovation allowed us to not only survive but thrive in a world where survival often depended on the tools we could create and wield. It is a reminder that our journey as Homo sapiens is deeply rooted in the ability to adapt, innovate, and ultimately triumph over formidable challenges.

Humanity's First Stemmed Tool

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