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Glaucophane is a sodium magnesium iron aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral, found in blueschist facies subduction zones. Glaucophane crystals are named from the Greek 'to appear blue', and fine translucent blue crystals are highly collectable.


** Metaphysical Properties **

Glaucophane opens and balances the throat and third eye chakra. Glaucophane facilitates the development of intuitive and psychic pursuits. Glaucophane can be helpful when one is blocked from finding a solution to a problem.


** More Information **

Glaucophane is the name of a mineral and a mineral group belonging to the sodic amphibole supergroup of the double chain inosilicates, with the chemical formula ☐NaSi₈O₂₂. Glaucophane crystallizes in the monoclinic system.


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