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Genuine Buffalo Hide Drum

The Buffalo Hide Drums are expected to have an approximate measurement of 13 inches each, but there may be slight variations in size. Additionally, the color of each drum may differ due to natural variations in the hides used.


The genuine buffalo hide drum is a type of Native American instrument that has been used for centuries in various rituals, ceremonies, and dances. As its name suggests, the drum is made from the hide of the American buffalo, a symbol of strength and abundance in many Native American cultures.


The process of making a genuine buffalo hide drum is a traditional craft that requires skill and patience. The hide is carefully selected and prepared, then stretched over a wooden frame and secured with rawhide lacing. The drum is often decorated with symbols and designs that have cultural significance, such as animal totems, geometric patterns, or spiritual images.


The sound of a genuine buffalo hide drum is deep, resonant, and powerful. It can evoke a range of emotions and moods, from calm and contemplative to energetic and celebratory. The drum is often played in a group setting, with several drummers creating a rhythmic pulse that drives the music forward. It is also sometimes used for solo performances, where the drummer can showcase their skill and creativity.


Today, the genuine buffalo hide drum remains an important part of many Native American traditions and cultural practices. It is also appreciated by musicians and enthusiasts around the world who are drawn to its unique sound and rich history. Whether used for spiritual ceremonies, cultural events, or musical performances, the genuine buffalo hide drum continues to be a powerful symbol of Native American heritage and artistic expression.

Genuine Buffalo Hide Drum

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