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The green iguana, scientifically known as Iguana iguana, is a stunning and iconic reptile species native to the rainforests of Central and South America. They are among the largest of the iguana species, with striking emerald-green scales, a spiky dorsal crest, and a long, muscular tail. These arboreal creatures are known for their impressive climbing abilities, which are facilitated by their remarkable feet.


Green iguanas possess specialized feet that are perfectly adapted for their arboreal lifestyle. Their feet are equipped with long, strong toes that are equipped with sharp claws, allowing them to grip and cling to tree branches with exceptional precision. These toes are well-suited for grasping onto a variety of surfaces, making them agile climbers and enabling them to navigate the dense canopy of tropical forests effortlessly.


In a beautifully designed glass dome display, you can observe the intricate details of a preserved green iguana foot holding a piece of rose quartz crystal. This artistic presentation not only showcases the captivating beauty of the iguana's foot but also juxtaposes the natural world with the elegance of the rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz is often associated with qualities like love, harmony, and healing, making it a unique addition to the display that highlights the fusion of nature and artistry. It serves as a reminder of the diverse wonders found in both the animal kingdom and the world of minerals, fostering an appreciation for the intricate and interconnected aspects of our natural world.


This specimen of the Green Iguana was not harmed during its lifetime. It lived its natural life before being placed in this jar of formaldehyde for scientific purposes and research. The preservation of this specimen is essential for scientific study, enabling researchers to gain valuable insights into the biology, anatomy, and ecological significance of these fascinating creatures. It serves as a means to further our understanding of wildlife and contributes to the conservation and protection of these unique animals in their natural habitats.

Exquisite Green Iguana Foot with Rose Quartz Crystal Display

SKU: Green Iguana Foot with Rose Quartz

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