One of the most powerful metaphysical healing stones on the planet.


** Metaphysical Properties **

Operating at a higher frequency that most crystals, Euphoralite creates a "Euphoric" feeling by dispelling negative ions. A natural conductor of good energy, a combination of blue tourmaline, mica, feldspar, labradorite, quartz, lepidolite, gold, and other minerals from a meteorite impact still unknown to science.


* More Information *

High Energy Stone Geologically Speaking ... This unique and unusual type of rock is found in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It contains over 40 different minerals including quartz, mica, lepidolite, feldspar and most importantly, indicolite or blue tour- maline which varies from sky blue to a rich aquamarine color. The melt containing these minerals arrived at the surface of the Earth via a chimney dike that has been dated by the South Dakota School of Mines to be 2.8 billion years old. The Black Hills are considered to be sacred lands by both the Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux and blue tourmaline is revered as a Shaman stone by members of both tribes. Metaphysical Information: From the Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth: “Indigo Light (commercial name) is a stone composed of several minerals. The most prominent com- ponents are Blue Tourmaline and a milky, semi-transparent Quartz. Some pieces also contain Fluorite and/ or Lepidolite, and there are other unidentified minerals as well. The stones were found in an old mine in the north-central USA. The healing influence of Indigo Light works through one's Subtle Body. Indigo Light can clear away imbalances and toxic patterns in one's energy field, and can call forth one's Divine pattern of perfect health. This is an excellent stone to wear or carry, in order to maintain a healthy and balanced energy pattern. It can also be used effectively in body layouts, and can be placed on any chakra, or in any area where physical con- cerns exist. Toxic patterns in the Subtle Body cannot endure the presence of Indigo Light.” From the Crystal Vault: "Euphoralite (another commercial name) is highly prized among members of the metaphysical com- munity. Blue tourmaline (indicolite) is a crystal of spirit and peace. It encourages the release of emotional bonds and frees the mind to explore higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Blue toulmalinated quartz is a shamanic stone, providing protection for ritual work.

Euphoralite Slab