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One of the most powerful metaphysical healing stones on the planet.


Euphoralite is a unique mineral that was discovered in North America, formed billions of years ago when a massive meteor struck the Earth's crust near the Gulf of Mexico. As the Earth cooled, the meteor cracked and released various minerals and metals from our solar system and others into the magma. Over time, the magma carried these minerals to the surface, where euphoralite was eventually discovered.


Euphoralite is composed of a kaleidoscopic combination of different elements and rare/precious metals, resulting in a variety of color combinations. It is known to emit negative ions, which can balance and prevent damage from positive ions in the human body's magnetic field. Positive ions are produced by electronic devices and can lead to cellular damage, while negative ions increase serotonin levels, alleviate stress and depression, and boost energy.


Although salt lamps are popular for emitting negative ions, their output is low and they are not as effective as euphoralite, which can produce readings from the mid-hundreds up to several thousand on an ion meter. Holding a piece of euphoralite or a combination of two different types of euphoralite is grounding and can induce a sense of euphoria.


It is recommended to unplug surrounding electrical outlets when working with euphoralite to prevent unintentional grounding. Euphoralite will naturally lose its charge over time as it grounds to other objects, but it can be cleansed and recharged by running it under water.

Euphoralite Slab

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