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Discovering The Mysterious Trilobites

By: Thomas T. Johnson


DID YOU KNOW...Trilobites dominated the waters around the world for millions of years.

They were the first free-swimming creatures of any size, the first to have an external skeleton for armor, and the first to have jointed legs. The petrified bodies and casts, or imprints, of Trilobite, remains tells us of the creatures’ existence.


Trilobites appeared in the seas about 570 million years ago and were prolific by the time they vanished 350 million years later. Trilobite fossils are a great aid in identifying the age of sedimentary formations.


Learn about amazing Trilobite Fossils in this book!


"Trilobites are some of the most diverse and interesting creatures ever to have inhabited the seas of our planet. They were some of the first animals to have eyes and be fossilized. They spanned 300 million years and include over ten thousand species. In recent years, new theories have shed fresh light on the lifestyles of these wonderful organisms. Come and learn this newly discovered information, it's sure to change the way you think about the "Mysterious Trilobite."

Discovering The Mysterious Trilobites

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