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Ancient Fossil Fish

Age - 53.5 / 48.5 Million Years Old

Measures 15.5cm Wide / 10.5cm Tall


The ancient fossil fish specimens, dating back to an impressive age of 53.5 to 48.5 million years old, offer a captivating window into the distant past of aquatic life. These fossils are not mere relics; rather, they are preserved in an extraordinary manner within exceptionally fine sediments. Over the course of six million years, a meticulous deposition process took place, unveiling a record of ancient underwater landscapes. What makes this find particularly intriguing is the annual rhythm embedded in the sediment layers. The alternating growth and dry seasons left a distinct imprint, resulting in the formation of two separate layers each year.


Each of these fine layers, with an average thickness of a mere 0.2mm, encapsulates a wealth of information about the climatic conditions and environmental dynamics that prevailed during this ancient epoch. The delicate nature of the sedimentation process has allowed scientists to unlock a detailed chronicle of the past, providing a rare and unique opportunity to explore the diversity of fish species that inhabited these primordial waters. This finely preserved record promises to contribute significantly to our understanding of the evolutionary history of aquatic life and the ecological intricacies that shaped these ancient ecosystems over millions of years.

Ancient Fossil Fish

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