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Civil War Union Navy Hard Rubber Button

Made By: Novelty Rubber Co, NY with Goodyear's 1851 Patent


During the American Civil War, the Union Navy played a crucial role in securing victory for the Northern states. As part of their uniform, sailors wore buttons made from hard rubber, a material that was becoming increasingly popular at the time due to its durability and low cost of production. One particularly notable example of these buttons is the Civil War Union Navy Hard Rubber Button, which was produced by the Novelty Rubber Company in New York, using Charles Goodyear's 1851 patent.


Goodyear's patent involved the process of vulcanization, which made rubber more resilient and resistant to heat and cold. This innovation made it possible for manufacturers to produce a wide variety of rubber products, including buttons for military uniforms. The Novelty Rubber Company was one of the largest producers of hard rubber buttons during the Civil War, and their products were widely used by both the Union and Confederate armies.


Civil War Union Navy Hard Rubber Button

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