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Bullet Carved By Solider

Ca. 1861 - 1865

Discovered: East Tennessee


(Every piece may vary in size or shape, pieces are picked at random. Our choice only.)


Inbetween the fightingm bored troops would play games such as chess or checkers. Creative soliders would carve pieces for these games out of excess ammunition such as this example here. These games offered a welcome distraction from the carnage of the battlefield. This helped to ease the boredom of saving the union or creating a new country. This carved ullet was discovered on a site that is now destroyed by development,.


Carved game pieces from the Civil War era are intriguing artifacts that provide a glimpse into the lives of soldiers during this tumultuous period in American history. Soldiers on both sides of the conflict often found themselves with downtime between battles or during periods of inactivity, and many turned to games as a way to pass the time and alleviate the stresses of war.


One of the most common games played by Civil War soldiers was chess. Soldiers would fashion makeshift chess sets using whatever materials they had on hand, including wood, bone, or even lead. These game sets were often intricately carved, showcasing the skill and creativity of the soldiers who made them. Chess pieces might be carved to resemble soldiers, officers, or other figures relevant to the war.


In addition to chess, soldiers also played other games such as checkers, dominoes, and cards. Like chess sets, game pieces for these games were often handcrafted from available materials. Soldiers might carve pieces from wood, bone, or even bullets.

Civil War Gaming Piece

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