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Chinese Shipwreck Coin Cluster (Northern Sung Dynasty Ca. 960 - 1279)

1 Bronze Coin

Ca. 960 - 1279


The Chinese Shipwreck Coin Cluster from the Northern Song Dynasty, circa 960 to 1279, offers a captivating glimpse into the historical maritime trade and economic exchanges during this period of Chinese history. The Northern Song Dynasty was renowned for its cultural achievements, technological innovations, and economic prosperity, making it a pivotal era in the country's dynastic history. The shipwreck, which yielded this coin cluster, adds a maritime dimension to our understanding of the dynasty's economic activities and global interactions.


The presence of Tong Bao coins in the cluster underscores the standardized monetary system established during the Northern Song Dynasty. These coins, bearing the inscription "Tong Bao," were the official currency of the realm, facilitating trade and commerce both domestically and abroad. The shipwreck, acting as a time capsule, preserves these tangible links to the economic and commercial networks that connected the Northern Song Empire to distant regions through maritime routes.


Studying this coin cluster not only contributes to numismatics but also enhances our comprehension of the challenges and risks faced by seafaring merchants during the Northern Song Dynasty. Maritime trade was integral to the dynasty's economic vitality, cultural exchange, and diplomatic relations. The recovery of these artifacts provides historians and archaeologists with valuable insights into the interconnectedness of civilizations and the profound impact of maritime trade on the dynamics of the Northern Song Dynasty. Each coin in the cluster becomes a tangible piece of history, inviting us to explore the stories of the merchants, sailors, and traders who once navigated the seas in pursuit of prosperity and cultural exchange.


Given the unique nature of these artifacts, each display will differ in its arrangement of coin clusters. Please be assured that the item you receive will closely resemble the one photographed.

Chinese Shipwreck Coin Cluster (Northern Sung Dynasty Ca. 960 - 1279)

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