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Australian Strewnfield Tektites - Meteorite Impact Glass

Measures roughly 1" - 1 1/2" Each


Australian Strewnfield Tektites, also known as Australites, are small glassy objects that are believed to have formed from the impact of a large asteroid or comet on Earth about 780,000 years ago. They are found in a large area of Australia known as the Australasian strewnfield, which covers much of southern Australia, as well as parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the South China Sea.


The formation of Australites began when the asteroid or comet hit the Earth, causing a massive explosion and sending debris and molten rock high into the atmosphere. As this material rained back down to Earth, it solidified into glassy tektites, which were then scattered across the landscape by winds and other natural forces. Over time, erosion and other geological processes have buried many of these tektites, but they can still be found in certain areas, particularly in the deserts of central and western Australia.


Australites are prized by collectors and scientists alike for their unique composition and origin. They are typically black or dark brown in color, and are characterized by their smooth, aerodynamic shape, which suggests that they were formed by melting and shaping as they fell through the atmosphere. Analysis of the chemical and isotopic composition of Australites has provided important clues about the composition of the asteroid or comet that struck the Earth, and has helped scientists better understand the processes that shape our planet and the universe around us.


Australian Strewnfield Tektites - Meteorite Impact Glass -

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