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Happy drums are a type of hand-played percussion instrument that belongs to the family of steel tongue drums. These instruments are designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced musicians, offering a melodic and soothing sound that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. The name "happy drum" reflects the positive and uplifting nature of the instrument's sound.


The purpose of a happy drum goes beyond just creating music; it serves as a tool for meditation, stress relief, and therapeutic practices. The calming and harmonious tones produced by the instrument make it suitable for various settings, including meditation sessions, yoga classes, and relaxation exercises. The rhythmic patterns and simple playing techniques make happy drums accessible to individuals of all skill levels, fostering a sense of joy and accomplishment.


Happy drums typically have a compact and portable design, often made from durable materials like steel or stainless steel. They feature a series of tongues or notes arranged in a circular or pentagonal pattern, each producing a distinct pitch when struck with hands or mallets. The instrument's design allows for easy exploration of different musical scales and encourages improvisation.


6"(Inch) Happy Drum (Blue)

Included: Travel bag, extra stickers, set of mallets, set of finger tip strikers. 

Not included: Velvet cushion

Atma Buti Happy Drum (Blue)

SKU: Atma Buti Happy Drum (Blue)

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