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Aldo Cella is a character portrayed by actor James Manis in the commercials of Cella Lambrusco wines. The commercials, which aired in the late 1970s and early 1980s, featured Aldo Cella as a fun-loving Italian caricature who enjoyed drinking Cella Lambrusco wine at outdoor restaurants and sharing it with beautiful women.


Cella Lambrusco is a sparkling wine that comes in red, white, and rosé varieties. It is well-balanced in terms of acidity and lightly fruity, with an intense flavor and an exquisite body. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste of bitter cherries and is easy to drink, making it ideal for everyday consumption 

Aldo Cella Autograph - 1980's Commercial Star

SKU: Aldo Cella Autograph - 1980's Commercial

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