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1797 Penny - England


The 1797 Penny is a historic coin from England that was minted during the reign of King George III. This copper penny is notable for several reasons, including its large size, intricate design, and the rarity of surviving examples. The penny measures 36mm in diameter, making it one of the largest pennies ever minted in England.


The obverse of the coin features a portrait of King George III, facing right and wearing a laurel wreath. Surrounding the portrait is the inscription "GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA" (George III by the Grace of God). The reverse side of the coin depicts a seated figure of Britannia, the personification of the British Isles. She is holding a trident and a shield, with a lighthouse in the background. The inscription reads "BRITANNIA" and "1797."


One interesting aspect of the 1797 Penny is its rarity. While a significant number were minted, many were melted down due to their high copper content. As a result, surviving examples are relatively rare and can command high prices among coin collectors. Additionally, the intricate design and historical significance of the coin make it a fascinating artifact of British history. Overall, the 1797 Penny is a unique and valuable coin that is sure to interest both collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

1797 Penny - England


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