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-Orpiment is a deep-colored, orange-yellow arsenic sulfide mineral with formula As
2S3. It is found in volcanic fumaroles, low-temperature hydrothermal veins, and hot springs and is formed both by sublimation and as a byproduct of the decay of another arsenic sulfide mineral, realgar. Orpiment takes its name from the Latin auripigmentum because of its deep-yellow color.


- Multiple pieces available. Each piece will have variances in size, color, etc. 


- Metaphysical Properties

Orpiment opens and aligns the solar plexus chakra. Orpiment stimulates the intellect and is an excellent crystal to use when engaged in investigative analysis or examinations. Orpiment stimulates growth and provides insights into that which needs to be done. Orpiment should not be used as an elixir.


- History of Orpiment

Orpiment was traded in the Roman Empire and was used as a medicine in China, even though it is very toxic. It has been used as fly poison and to tip arrows with poison. Because of its striking color, it was of interest to alchemists, both in China and the West, searching for a way to make gold. It also has been found in the wall decorations of Tutankhamun's tomb and ancient Egyptian scrolls, and on the walls of the Taj Mahal.


For centuries, orpiment was ground down and used as a pigment in painting and for sealing wax, and was even used in ancient China as a correction fluid. It was one of the few clear, bright-yellow pigments available to artists until the 19th century. However, its extreme toxicity and incompatibility with other common pigments, including lead and copper-based substances such as verdigris and azurite, meant that its use as a pigment ended when cadmium yellows, chromium yellows and organic dye-based colors were introduced during the 19th century.


Orpiment is mentioned in the 17th century by Robert Hooke in Micrographia for the manufacture of small shot.


Scientists like Richard Adolf Zsigmondy and Hermann Ambronn puzzled jointly over orpiment glass as early as 1904.


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