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Moon Rock (Lunar Meteorite) NWA 4881

-  Fragment of NWA 4881

Weighs 8 MG


NWA 4881 is a meteorite that was discovered in the northwest of Africa in 2005. This meteorite is classified as an achondrite, which means it is a type of stony meteorite that has undergone some level of differentiation and crystallization. It is believed to have originated from a differentiated asteroid that underwent melting and differentiation, resulting in the formation of a layered structure.


NWA 4881 is notable for containing a unique mineral known as ahrensite, which was first discovered in this meteorite. Ahrensite is a rare iron carbide mineral that is believed to have formed through high-temperature processes in the early solar system. Its discovery in NWA 4881 suggests that this meteorite is likely to have originated from a parent body that was subjected to extreme heating during its formation.


Analysis of NWA 4881 has provided valuable insights into the processes that occurred in the early solar system, including the formation and differentiation of asteroids. The presence of ahrensite in this meteorite has also led to new research on the formation and stability of iron carbide minerals in the early solar system. Overall, NWA 4881 is a valuable meteorite for understanding the origins and evolution of our solar system.

Moon Rock (Lunar Meteorite) NWA 4881

SKU: Moon Rock (Lunar Meteorite) NWA 4881

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