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The M1862 Civil War-era Union bayonet stands as a poignant relic from a tumultuous period in American history. This artifact not only serves as a symbol of the Union soldiers' tenacity during the conflict but also carries a unique and intriguing feature—a broken-off barrel still lodged inside the bayonet socket. This unusual characteristic hints at the intense and chaotic nature of the battles fought during the Civil War.


The broken barrel within the bayonet socket tells a silent tale of the fierce engagements where Union soldiers found themselves in the thick of combat, facing adversaries armed with a myriad of weaponry. The bayonet, a crucial tool for close-quarters combat, would have been forcefully thrust into action, encountering the harsh reality of war. The shattered barrel serves as a tangible testament to the violence and brutality that unfolded on the battlefield, where firearms and bayonets were wielded with desperation and determination.


As a historical artifact, the M1862 bayonet with the remnant of a broken barrel serves as a tangible link to the struggles and sacrifices of the Union soldiers during the Civil War. It provides modern observers with a tangible connection to the past, prompting reflection on the challenges faced by those who fought in one of the most defining conflicts in American history.


- M1862

The M1862 musket, a product of the American Civil War era, holds a significant place in the history of military firearms. Manufactured primarily for Union forces, the M1862 was a .58 caliber rifled musket renowned for its reliability and effectiveness on the battlefield. This percussion lock musket featured a distinct three-band design, making it easily identifiable, and was equipped with a bayonet lug for affixing a bayonet—a crucial component for close-quarters combat during the era.


One of the notable features of the M1862 musket was its rifled barrel, which enhanced accuracy compared to its smoothbore predecessors. This improvement was particularly crucial in the evolution of infantry tactics during the Civil War, where engagement distances had increased, and rifled muskets became instrumental in shaping the dynamics of warfare. The M1862 musket played a pivotal role in the hands of Union soldiers, providing them with a reliable and accurate firearm during a time of intense and widespread conflict.


The musket's design, marked by its durability and simplicity, made it well-suited for the harsh conditions of Civil War battlefields. The M1862 became a symbol of the technological advancements and strategic changes that characterized this pivotal period in American military history. Today, surviving examples of the M1862 musket serve as tangible reminders of the challenges faced by soldiers on both sides of the conflict and contribute to a deeper understanding of the weaponry and tactics employed during the Civil War.


M1862 Union Bayonet with Broken Barrel

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