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Fossil Cave Bear Teeth

Age - 240,000 - 27,000 Years Old

Pleistocene Epoch

Species - Ursus Spelaeus

Discovered - Romania


The ancient cave bear, Ursus spelaeus, was a large bear species that lived during the Pleistocene epoch, which lasted from around 2.6 million years ago to about 11,700 years ago. These bears were widespread throughout Europe and Asia, and were adapted to living in cold and harsh environments, such as the ice age tundras and forests.


Ursus spelaeus was an impressive creature, with males weighing up to 1000 kg, making them one of the largest carnivores of their time. They had a thick, shaggy coat of fur that provided insulation from the cold and helped them survive in freezing temperatures. The ancient cave bear also had powerful jaws and sharp teeth that allowed them to hunt and scavenge for food.


Despite their intimidating appearance, Ursus spelaeus was primarily a herbivore, and fed mainly on plants and fruits. Their diet included grasses, herbs, berries, and even roots and bark during the winter when food was scarce. However, they were also opportunistic predators and would occasionally hunt small animals such as rodents or fish.


Today, the ancient cave bear is extinct, with the last known specimens living around 24,000 years ago. However, their remains have been found in many caves throughout Europe, providing valuable insights into the ecology and behavior of this fascinating species.

Fossil Cave Bear Tooth

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