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Yooperlite Tower


-Glows under special UV Light

-Not all towers will glow the same, each is unique!

-Multiple towers available!

-Our choice tower only!


~ Yooperlite Metaphysical Properties ~

Yooperlite is a staggering stone for opening your Throat Chakra and working with self-articulation, making your own voice, and finding exceptional angles about yourself. Yooperlite works with and empowers self-awareness and establishing a positive climate of light, trust, and seeing the world with another viewpoint. At the point when you ponder with Yooperlite it makes a space that energizes inventive articulation. It has a beautiful, natural energy that resounds well to the Water Element.


The yooperlite is a stone of truth and permitting to perceive and communicate equitably your sentiments. Yooperlite discharges outrage and negative considerations and helps battle your feelings of dread and fears. It makes a reasonable and discerning brain, ready to discover a sense of reconciliation. Yooperlite animates self-acknowledgment and self-assurance.

Yooperlite Tower

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  • Smoky Mountain Relic Room offers a 30 day return policy with proof of purchase.


    -Limited Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee-

    The Smoky Mountain Relic Room stands behind the items we sell with a limited lifetime guarantee. We will exchange any item for store credit if the item sold is found by a certified authenticator not to be the authentic artifact, fossil, meteorite, or mineral that we advertised it as being. A letter, specific to the artifact, fossil, meteorite, or mineral in question, from a certified authenticator (in the business under the occupation-specific to the item in question), must be brought in with the item for the return to be acceptable. This guarantee is for the lifetime of the initial purchaser only. See the Relic Room Manager, downstairs inside Smoky Mountain Knife Works, for more information. Original receipt required for exchanges.