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During World War II, the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) officers wore dress daggers as part of their uniform. These daggers were not meant for combat but were instead designed as a symbol of rank and status within the military. The Luftwaffe dagger was introduced in 1934, shortly after the formation of the Luftwaffe. It was modeled after traditional hunting daggers and was made with high-quality materials such as nickel, silver, and brass.


The Luftwaffe dagger had a distinct design, featuring a straight blade with a double-edged point and a crossguard with two upward-pointing wings. The grip was made of a synthetic material called Bakelite, which was durable and provided a comfortable grip. The pommel of the dagger had an eagle with outstretched wings, which was the emblem of the Luftwaffe.


The Luftwaffe dress dagger was not only a symbol of rank but also a prestigious item among officers. It was often given as a gift to officers who had distinguished themselves in service or as a retirement gift. The daggers were also often personalized with engravings of the officer's name, rank, and unit.


Despite their popularity among officers, the Luftwaffe dress daggers have a controversial history due to their association with the Nazi regime. Today, they are considered historical artifacts and are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of military memorabilia.

WW2 German Officer's Luftwaffe Dress Dagger

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