Whole Red Flash Ammonite

Age - 145 - 65 Million Years Old


These beautiful Red Flash Ammonite fossils from Madagascar. Ammonite fossils promote well-being, good health, prosperity, and good luck. The name Ammonite is derived from the shell's appearance: it resembles a ram's horn.


  • Ammonites were marine animals that lived during the periods of Earth history known as the Jurassic and Cretaceous.
  • They had a coiled external shell similar to that of the modern nautilus
  • The ammonite's shell was divided into chambers separated by walls. The ammonite lived in only the last chamber.
  • Each ammonite fossil is unique, but will be equal to the one pictured


** Ammonite Metaphysical Properties **

Metaphysically speaking, an Ammonite is considered to be a protective stone giving stability and structure to an individual's life.

Whole Red Flash Ammonite

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