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A very rare metaphysical stone


** Metaphysical Properties & Information **

Vivianite is a stone of peace, love, compassion, caring, and spiritual illumination. Wearing this stone is transformative for those of you who feel ill at ease in your own body. It is an excellent stone to overcome your nerves and anxiety regarding other people's opinions of you as a person.


Vivianite (Fe²⁺Fe²⁺₂(PO₄)₂·8H₂O) is a hydrated iron phosphate mineral found in several geological environments. Small amounts of manganese Mn²⁺, magnesium Mg and calcium Ca substitute for iron Fe²⁺ in the structure. Pure vivianite is colorless, but the mineral oxidizes very easily, changing the color, and it is usually found as deep blue to deep bluish green prismatic to flattened crystals. Vivianite crystals are often found inside fossil shells, such as those of bivalves and gastropods, or attached to fossil bone.


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