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Viking Era Leather Accoutrement of Crescent Moon

Age: 900 - 1100 AD

Discovered: Europe

Decorative ornament symbolizing the crescent moon. This is used as decoration on leather. 


The Vikings were a group of seafaring warriors from Scandinavia who lived during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Period, roughly from the 8th to the 11th century AD. They were known for their fierce fighting skills, their naval expertise, and their exploratory spirit. The Vikings are often romanticized as noble warriors and adventurers, but they were also ruthless raiders who sacked cities, monasteries, and other settlements throughout Europe.


Viking culture was centered around their societal structure and beliefs. Society was organized into clans, with the head of each clan being the chieftain. Viking religion was polytheistic, with their gods and goddesses representing different aspects of nature and human life. They believed in an afterlife, and warriors who died in battle were believed to go to Valhalla, a grand hall where they would feast and fight until the end of the world.


The Vikings were skilled artisans, creating intricate works of art from precious metals, wood, and other materials. Their craftsmanship is still admired today, and Viking artifacts can be found in museums around the world. They were also skilled traders, traveling as far as Constantinople and the Middle East to exchange goods and ideas. The Vikings left a lasting impact on the cultures they encountered, influencing language, architecture, and even legal systems.

Viking Era Leather Accoutrement of Crescent Moon

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