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Discovered: Wildcat, KY  (Battle of Wildcat, KY)


~ The Battle of Wildcat, KY ~

The Battle of Camp Wildcat (otherwise called Wildcat Mountain and Camp Wild Cat) was one of the early commitment of the American Civil War (Civil War). It happened October 21, 1861, in northern Laurel County, Kentucky during the mission known as the Kentucky Confederate Offensive or Operations in Eastern Kentucky (1861). The fight is viewed as perhaps the earliest Union triumph of the Civil War, and denoted the second commitment of troops in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
As the Confederates fired up the Wilderness Road on the morning of October 21, 1861, Gen. Schoepf moved four organizations of the 33rd Indiana Infantry Regiment, 350 men, 0.75 miles (1.21 km) toward the east of Camp Wildcat to Round Hill, a lofty, high point along the street. Confederate pickets went after the Union power soon after they showed up at Round Hill, yet the Confederates before long pulled out to report what is going on to Gen. Zollicoffer. Zollicoffer sent the greater part of two regiments, the eleventh Tennessee Infantry Regiment and a few organizations of the seventeenth Tennessee Infantry Regiment to go after the Union separation at Round Hill. Not long before the assault, the organizations from the 33rd Indiana were built up by 250 men of the first Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (U.S.) and few home gatekeepers. The Confederate regiments went after the lofty slope yet following an hour of battling the eleventh Tennessee Infantry withdrew. Before long Union fortifications showed up, driving the seventeenth Tennessee Infantry to withdraw also.

Zollicoffer then sent the 29th Tennessee Infantry Regiment and a few organizations of the seventeenth Tennessee Infantry to go after an area called the South Rim across the street from Round Hill. By then, at that point, the Union had strengthened this point and the Confederate assault on this point additionally fizzled. Afterward, the Confederates neglected to identify a hole between the 33rd Indiana Infantry and the seventh Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment (U.S.) before Col. Garrard sent fortifications to close it. With losses mounting with no impact, Zollicoffer stopped going after the Union position. The Confederates pulled out during the evening. They proceeded with their retreat to Cumberland Ford, which they arrived at on October 26.

U.S. Breast Plate ~ Battle of Wildcat, KY

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