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Triceratops Rib Head

68 - 65 Million Years Old

Late Cretaceous

Species: Triceratops

Specimen: Rib Head

Discovered: South Dakota, Hell Creek Formation

Measures roughly 8"

Stand & Info card included


The item in question is an extraordinary piece of history—a rib section from a Triceratops dinosaur that lived approximately 68 to 65 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period. Triceratops, a magnificent herbivorous creature, is one of the most recognizable and iconic dinosaurs, known for its distinctive three-horned skull and large bony frill. This rib section provides a tangible connection to the ancient world and allows us to marvel at the immense size and strength of these prehistoric beings.


The rib section was discovered in South Dakota, specifically within the Hell Creek Formation. This region is renowned for its rich fossil record, which has yielded countless dinosaur remains and provided valuable insights into the life and ecology of the Late Cretaceous period. The excavation and preservation of this Triceratops rib section is a testament to the dedication and expertise of paleontologists and fossil hunters who diligently uncover and study these remarkable remnants of the past.


Measuring roughly 15.5 inches in length, this rib section showcases the robust nature of Triceratops anatomy. The bone structure reveals the internal architecture that supported the dinosaur's massive body and enabled it to withstand the physical demands of its environment. The rib also serves as a fascinating piece of evidence for scientists to study the growth patterns and physiological characteristics of Triceratops.


To enhance its presentation, this rib section comes with a stand and an accompanying information card. The stand provides a stable and visually appealing display, allowing the viewer to appreciate the specimen from various angles. The information card offers valuable details about the Triceratops species, the specific locality where it was discovered, and the geological context of the find. This additional information helps contextualize the rib section within the broader narrative of Earth's history and the incredible story of dinosaur life.


Owning this 68-65 million-year-old Triceratops rib section provides a unique opportunity to possess a tangible piece of the ancient world and become immersed in the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs. Its rarity and scientific significance make it a truly remarkable item, captivating both paleontology enthusiasts and collectors alike.



Triceratops Rib Head

SKU: Triceratops Rib Head

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