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Triassic Phytosaur Limb

Age: Approx 220 Million Years Old

Triassic Era

Species: Phytosaur

Specimen: Limb Section

Discovered: Arizona, Triassic Chinle Formation

Measures: 5.5' Tall

Stand & Info Card Included


- Phytosaur

Phytosaurs are an extinct group of large, mostly semiaquatic Late Triassic archosauriform reptiles. Phytosaurs belong to the order Phytosauria. Phytosauria and Phytosauridae are often considered to be equivalent groupings containing the same species, but some studies have identified non-phytosaurid phytosaurians. Phytosaurs were long-snouted and heavily armoured, bearing a remarkable resemblance to modern crocodilians in size, appearance, and lifestyle, as an example of convergence or parallel evolution. The name "phytosaur" means "plant reptile", as the first fossils of phytosaurs were mistakenly thought to belong to plant eaters. The name is misleading because the sharp teeth in phytosaur jaws clearly show that they were predators.

Triassic Phytosaur Limb

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